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Polyjoint - Expansion joint in concrete slabs

Polyjoint is manufactured from the original high quality, cross linked, closed cell polyethylene foam. It is used thoughout the construction industry as an expansion joint filler. Main applications include perimeter joints in concrete slabs and expansion joints in brickwork.


Polyjoint is clean and light to handle and does not deteriorate in storage or on site.

Polyjoint can be supplied to customers' own dimensional requirements.


Standard Sizes


Depth: 100mm • 150mm • 175mm • 200mm

Thickness: 10mm • 12mm • 15mm • 20mm • 25mm

Other sizes made to order

Thickness up to 15mm supplied in 10 metre rolls.

Thickness 20/25mm supplied in 1 or 2 metre lengths.

  • Density - 28kg/m3 - 45kg/m3 - 60kg/m3
  • Closed cell polyethylene
  • Non water absorbant
  • High level of chemical and ozone resistance
  • Cross linked
  • Excellent physical compression recovery properties
  • Tear off strip for ease of sealing
  • Lightweight


Polyjoint Rod

Sponge Cord

Selection of diameters available in various box sizes.

We also specialise in supplying the construction industry with large gaskets and shapes. Manufactured from polyethylene, sponge or solid rubber. Produced to customer's own specification.


Kingfisher is also a major supplier of frost protection blankets.

Rubber Extrusions