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GOOP is a tried and tested Puncture Preventative formula, having been successfully used in many different applications for more than 20 years; it will carry on working no matter how many punctures you may experience.

GOOP is an Aqueous Glycol solution (non-toxic) and

contains finely cut rubber particles.

For total peace of mind... Install GOOP into your tyre or tube through the valve BEFORE you have a puncture. As the wheel rotates, GOOP is evenly distributed around the inside of the tyre or tube. Punctures are then sealed

as soon as they occur.

  • Works effectively in BOTH tubed and tubeless tyres.

  • Will not freeze, and remains stable even at high temperatures.

  • Simply washes away with water.

  • Leaves no sticky residue when a new tyre or tube is fitted.

  • Lasts for the lifetime of the tyre or tube.

  • Available for all pneumatic tyres from wheelbarrows to heavy plant machinery.

  • TPMS compatible.

Puncture Prventative
250ml bottle
goop 500ml bottle

Goop spec

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